Convert any File link to Torrent using Burnbit

Burnbit may be a new word fpr you but actually it’s a wonderful service from the creator. It allows to convert any link to torrent. With bitburn you can download the file and it will be working like torrent.

lin to toorrent

Burnbit is p2p and server based that means it’s actually working in 2 clients. If you upload file then it will be download easily through their server and also from peers in the torrent. This would be very helpful when the download is slow, it will be downloading more than faster than your regular download.

How to Burnbit

  1. Go to burnbit website. Make an account, and login.
  2. Paste your link in the space provided, Click the Burn button.
  3. Done, Just wait few seconds. After waiting your torrent file will be available to download.

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