Top 5 Windows Browsers

Picking up top 5 Windows Browser from a bunch of Browser packet is too difficult. Browser developers trying new things to there browser for ensuring their browser still can survive in the browser battle. We are here picking 5 browser which are good in enough to be in Top 5. Still we can not only these browsers but there are many other browser which are Emerging to world of Windows browser developement.

Top 5

  1. Google Chrome
    Its not a surprise for the windows users, but still we want to say Google chrome leads in first Position. Google Chrome is fast, safe and easy. They are ensuring that the users gets a fast browsing experience also they have lots and lots of extension. Some of the other Features are Customize browser, Private browsing, web-store, sync, and more. Download Google Chrome
  2. Mozilla Firefox
    Firefox comes second on the list. Firefox has a lot features and its secure, fast and also easy. They are developing a new style in their future version. Features Of Firefox are addons, they have lots of addons for different criteria for the easy usage of the users. RSS reader, Private browsing, Sync and lots of other feature. Download FirefoxFirefox
  3. Internet Explorer
    We want to say Internet explorer 10 have changed a lot from IE7. People make fun of IE due to their slow motion Opening pages but users should upgrade to latest versio should start using IE. IE new version loads faster and have good support for HTML5. They are simple and secure. You can have private browsing, speed dial, addons . Download Internet ExplorerIE
  4. Opera
    Opera now based on chromium. The move to chromium has made the browser more faster and the Opera developers added many new features like they have combined the search and address bar, Discover websites, extension and more . Download OperaOpera
  5. Maxthon Cloud Browser
    Its a Surprise entry but they deserves this position. They are new to the windows browser but they have all the features which an user needs. Cloud technology is used in this browser its sync through many devices and can have support of cloud downloading. Read Review Here. Download Maxthon Cloud BrowserMaxton

There are many other browser which can be still in top 5. What’s your top 5 windows browser let us know through comments below.

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